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This symposium aims to explore novel challenges and the discovery of biomarkers in disciplines with degrees of overlap: doping in sport, substance abuse disorders and forensic science. That there may be similarities from a psychological angle, with personalities who display increased susceptibility to risk-taking behaviors that lead to doping in sport and/or illicit substance abuse, has been an area of discussion. From an analytical perspective, multi omics are an emerging field in anti-doping science and in substance use disorders. They have the potential to help identify novel substances, provide direct and indirect biomarkers for sample authentication and use of dopants, as well as provide clues for understanding biological pathways.

Given the widespread use and an ever-expanding list of substances used by elite and recreational athletes, as well as the general population, not just for enhancing sport performance, but also for improving body image, alleviation of depression, stress, and anxiety, it is important to ensure that these practices are not addictive, are legally compliant and do not cause harm.

The premise of this year’s symposium aims to highlight the challenges related to these from various perspectives: psychological, analytical and clinical, bringing together stakeholders working to advance the field, while keeping athletes clean and ensuring their health during the period when they are competing and after retiring from active competition.


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