ADLQ's 7th Annual Symposium

Anti-Doping in Humans and Animals:
Biomarkers & Threshold Substances

As detection techniques have become more sophisticated, both in animals and in human, so have doping processes and dopants. Increasingly these sport performance enhancing substances are minimally modified endogenous molecules, perhaps even gene therapy, that escape detection by current methodologies. The use of biomarkers, that potentially target a particular biological process, is amongst the most promising approaches in the fight against doping. The search for such novel markers utilizing big data and the omics platforms, and their validation has proved challenging. The extent to which this approach has been successful and the potential of using biomarkers for detecting doping in sport has been realized is the premise of this year’s symposium. Again, following on from discussions in the previous symposium the aim is to compare and contrast biomarkers of dopants, their nature and detection, in animals as opposed to humans. To facilitate this discourse, experts from both human and animal Anti-Doping arenas, veterinarians and scientists will be brought together.
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Registration fees for AORC symposium only or ADL symposium only is USD 200. Registration fees for AORC Meet and ADL symposium is USD 300.
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