CLIMATE CONTROL – THE HIGHS AND LOWS OF IT! After the last Café meet, most of us now probably agree we are facing a man-made spike in global warming, and its disastrous consequences. The next question is can we do something about it? Can we control our climate so that the unseasonable highs and lows being reported globally (in temperature, rainfall, hurricanes etc) are combated? Some experts think we can limit these crazy fluctuations using methods to engineer (control) climate, however, others argue that climate control is not an option and the only way to counter the damage done to our environment is to put in place measures to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions. Can we give up our cars, planes and go vegetarian or should we set the scientists to create a climate controlled Brave New World!! Come and debate this in a wonderfully climate controlled environment!

On 28th November at 6:30 p.m


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